Learn to Bake Bread – Online Class

In this online class, you will learn to bake:

  1. Whole Wheat Bread (made with atta)
  2. White Bread (made with maida)

How the Class is Conducted?

  1. This class is 100% online for 2-3 Hours
  2. You can watch me bake the bread online
  3. You can also cook along with me (Optional – I will send you list of ingredients in advance)


  1. Only Whole Wheat Bread: ₹249/- (2 hour session)
  2. Only White Bread: ₹249/- (2 hour session)
  3. Both whole wheat and white bread: ₹449/- (3 hour session)

To book a class or know more about them:

Photos of the Bread Making Process

Recent Reviews From Students

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