Chocolate Magic

A little bit of sweetness can drown out a whole lot of bitterness
– Francesco Petrarca

Chocolates are everyone’s favorite – from kids to grand parents. They are also now part of most auspicious occasions in India – Diwali, weddings, engagements and birthdays – replacing traditional Indian mithai. Health conscious folks also have started to prefer dark chocolates rather than calorie rich mithai.

I have been making home-made chocolates for 5+ years and in this class I will teach you, the basics of how to make some great chocolates which you can share with friends and family.

What you will get in this class:

  1. A one day class where I will teach you how to make:
    1. Chocolate Rose
    2. Butterscotch
    3. Mint
    4. Praline Rocks
    5. Figs & Honey
    6. Paan Pasand
    7. Hazelnut Crispies
    8. Flavored Lollipops
    9. Almond Rock
    10. Marble chocolates
    11. Hazelnut
    12. Rum & Raisin
    13. Marzipan
    14. Bounty (Coconut)
    15. Tangy chocolates
    16. Fruit & Nut
    17. Choco chip
    18. Center filled dry fruit
    19. Jelly Center
    20. Marie Delight
    21. Kit Kat
    22. Mukhwas
    23. Chocolate Syrup Choco Crackle
    24. Coffee Chocolate
    25. Poppers
  2. High Quality Recipe Notes which you can refer to after the classes when you’re cooking by yourself
  3. Anytime Chat/Call Assistance: If you need help after you have attended the class with any of the recipes, call/message me anytime and I’ll be glad to help

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Recipes you will learn in the class

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