Everyone has a favorite sandwich a certain way. Grilled or toasted? Mayo or Mustard? White or whole wheat? Hot or cold? Sandwiches are perfect for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Just choose the filling of your choice and munch away!

What you will get in these classes?

  1. A two day class where I will teach you how to make:
    1. White Sauce for Sandwiches
    2. Cheese Paneer & Carrot Open Sandwich
    3. Cabbage Capsicum & Cucumber Sandwich
    4. Coconut & Onion Sandwich
    5. Pin Wheel Sandwich
    6. Club Sandwich
    7. Malai Sandwich
    8. Apple Walnut Sandwich
    9. Capsicum Sandwich
    10. Peanut Sandwich
    11. Rainbow Sandwich
    12. Bombay Grill Sandwich
    13. Russian Salad Sandwich
  2. High Quality Recipe Notes which you can refer to after the classes when you’re cooking by yourself
    Anytime Chat/Call Assistance: If you need help after you have attended the class with any of the recipes, call/message me anytime and I’ll be glad to help

To know more about the classes:

Recipes you will learn in the class

Bombay Grilled Sandwich – a popular street food served across Mumbai
Capsicum sandwich

Rainbow Sandwich

Russian Salad Sandwich

Coconut & Onion Sandwich

Left: Capsicum Sandwich
Right: Coconut & Onion Sandwich

Nutella Wheel Sandwich

To know more about the classes:

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