Sindhi Cuisine

Learn to cook popular Sindhi dishes like Sindhi Kadhi, Dal Pakwan and many more

This cuisine comes from the Sindhi people, who originally came from the Sindh region of Pakistan and moved to India during the partition of 1947.
The ingredients and preparations of this cuisine are unique and were taught to me by my mother, who originally lived in Sindh. After attending this class, you will learn how to get these flavors into your kitchen too.

What you will get in these classes?

  1. A two day class where I will teach you how to make:
    1. On Day#1:
      1. Tamate Ji Curry (Tomato curry in gram flour)
      2. Aloo Tuk (Fried potatoes garnished with spices)
      3. Arbi Tuk (Fried Colocasia garnished with spices)
      4. Bheendi Basar (Bhindi/Lady fingers cooked in onion masala)
      5. Kachori Ki Curry (Dal koftas in tomato curry)
      6. Singhi Aloo (Drumsticks made with potatoes)
      7. Dudhi Ja Kofta (Savoury dudhi/bottle gourd balls served in curry)
    2. On Day#2:
      1. Dal Pakwan
      2. Sai Bhaji Aur Bhuga Chawar (Green vegetables served with spiced/masala rice)
      3. Tidali Dal (3 types of dal/lentils made together)
      4. Methi Aloo (Potatoes cooked with fenugreek)
      5. Koki (A spiced paratha/bread traditional to Sindhis)
      6. Bhee Masala (Lotus stem made with spices)
      7. Makhani Dal
  2. High Quality Recipe Notes which you can refer to after the classes when you’re cooking by yourself
  3. Anytime Chat/Call Assistance: If you need help after you have attended the class with any of the recipes, call/message me anytime and I’ll be glad to help

To know more about the classes:

Recipes you will learn in the class – Day#1

Tamate Ji Curry(tamate = tomatoes)
This tangy curry is made with tomatoes, roasted besan (gram flour) and a mix of vegetables. It is traditionally served with rice.

Aloo & Arbi Tuk (Aloo = potatoes, Arbi = Colocasia)
Aloo tuk is a signature Sindhi dish. It consists of double fried potatoes and Colocasia garnished with dry masalas. Generally served with curry and rice.

Bheendi Basar (Bheendi = lady fingers, Basar = onions)
Deep fried lady fingers, sauteed with onions, tomatoes and spices. Can be served with khichdi or rotis

Kachori Ki Curry(kachori = savory lentil/dal balls)
Curry made of deep fried, savory urad dal balls prepared in a tomato curry. Garnished with nylon sev.

Singhi Aloo(singhi = drumsticks, aloo = potatoes)
A light and nutritious curry made with drumsticks and potatoes. Goes well for lunch and dinner.

Singhi Aloo garnished with fresh Coriander

Dudhi Ja Kofta (dudhi = bottle gourd, kofta = savoury balls)
Bottle gourd is generally considered a boring vegetable but this recipe is a great way to add this healthy vegetable to the diet. The combination of dudhi koftas in a spicy curry would be loved by people of all ages. Serve with rotis.

Recipes you will learn in the class – Day#2

Dal Pakwan (dal = pulses, pakwan = crispy fried flour)
One of the most famous Sindhi dishes, usually had for breakfast! Simple and easy to cook

Sai Bhaji Aur Bhuga Chawar (sai = green, bhaji = vegetables, bhooga = fried, chawar = rice)
This is a Sindhi vegetarian dish, consisting of dal (lentils), palak (spinach) and other vegetables. It forms a staple part of the local cuisine and is considered a rich source of nutrition due to its mix of various greens.

Sai bhaji served with bhooja Chawar

Tidali Dal (tidali = three dal)
Made with green moong chilka dal, chana dal and urad dal, onions, tomatoes, green chillies along with spices like curry leaves, red chilli and turmeric.

Methi Aloo (methi = fenugreek, aloo = potato)
Fragrant methi / fenugreek leaves come together with potatoes to make this simple and delicious dish. Serve with rotis or rice.

Koki: Sindhi Koki is a traditional flaky flatbread made from whole wheat flour, dough blended with onions and spices. Sindhi Koki is served along with curd and pickle on side, usually for breakfast.

Bhee Masala (bhee = lotus stem)
This traditional Sindhi recipe uses lotus stem cooked in a onion and tomato based curry to make a dish which is healthy and rich in fiber.

Makhani Dal (makhani = buttery)
An easy to prepare, quick and healthy dal recipe which has a buttery texture and popular among Sindhi households.

Shahi Pulao (shahi = grand, pulao = spiced and flavoured rice)
This dish, as the name suggests, is a royal, aromatic rice preparation, usually reserved for special occasions. Ingredients include vegetables, cottage cheese and dry fruits like cashews and raisins.

To know more about the classes:

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